Heath Ledger’s Death Ruled an Accident. Is that True?

The coroner announced today that Heath Ledger died as a result of an accidental overdose of about a dozen different prescribed medicines, the belief being that he had been prescribed the drugs by different doctors and thus took something that reacted badly with something else. This is all fine and good, and to save a bit of Ledger’s reputation, the death is ruled “accidental”, but how accidental was his death?

After all, the guy literally had a ridiculous amount of different drugs in his system. How can one determine that he took them all intending to simply get high or go to sleep, rather than commit suicide? I’m not saying he did, but how do we know he didn’t? How much of it is a PR move to protect his image? In Ledger’s father’s quote to the press, he specifies “accidental” as if telling us to believe it.

Of course, we do want to believe it. No one likes to hear that someone committed suicide, especially a celebrity who is appreciated and respected by so many people. You look up to people like this and say, “Man, if I had that life…” It’s just a waste. Of course, according to the death report and everyone else, Ledger’s death isn’t a suicide, and that’s fine. But it is clear that Ledger had a problem with drugs… no sane person, no matter how tired or desperate, would take or even acquire the variety of drugs he had in his system. That’s sad to think about, too, because if he had a problem, someone had to know about it, and that someone could have done something to prevent this.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the Ledger situation. I’ll stop writing about him now, until The Dark Knight comes out, of course.

By Erik Samdahl
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