Watch the New Prince Caspian Trailer

The new movie trailer for the upcoming sequel The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is online in all its glory. The trailer is pretty good, having great setup with its slowly intensifying drum roll and more ominous visuals. Overall, the movie looks darker than its predecessor – and in fact one of the characters even makes note of that – which is a good thing.

Unfortunately, I got pumped up about the last Chronicles of Narnia and it ended up being underwhelming. Ultimately, the movies are still more geared towards children, which means these previews that show savage battles and intense fighting will not be nearly what they appear to be. What also concerns me is the lack of attention the trailer gives to the acting, most notably that of Ben Barnes, who plays the title character. He only gets one credited line in the trailer, and it’s a rather painfully delivered, “I am Prince Caspian.” I hope the line is just taken out of context, but I am not impressed.

Anyway, here’s the Prince Caspian movie trailer:

By Erik Samdahl
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