Take a 2008 Summer Movie Survey – Win a DVD!

Indiana Jones 4 PictureIt’s been a while since I did an InstantSurvey, and it’s about damn time. While I realize that Iron Man opens on Thursday, I figured it’s not too late to get your feedback on the best and worst of the movies coming to theaters this summer. Which summer movie will be the best? Which summer movie will be the worst? What do you think of Speed Racer? The X-Files movie? How many movies are you going to see this summer, in theaters?

These are the kinds of questions I want to know, and in exchange for five minutes of your time (yes, it’s that short), I’m giving away a free copy of Eastern Promises, which stars Viggo Mortensen in the role that earned him an Oscar nod.

The 2008 Summer Movie Survey ends on May 14th, after which I will select the winner. I will send out the DVD within a couple weeks after that. Let all your friends know – I want to get a record amount of submissions for this survey!

The winner has now been announced.

Oh, by the way…

The online survey software I use is InstantSurvey, a super-easy and inexpensive tool. It really is a good product.

By Erik Samdahl
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