The Hobbit Prequels Halted?

The Lord of the Ring franchise is New Line Cinema’s greatest achievement and greatest curse. The movies, which mark the pinnacle of the now all-but-defunct company, have made billions of dollars in revenue – but have also brought along some hefty lawsuits to boot. With the Peter Jackson lawsuit now behind them, New Line is facing a new one that aims to halt the development and production of Guillermo Del Toro’s The Hobbit movies.

Time Online is reporting that Christopher Tolkien, son of J.R.R. Tolkin, has vowed “one last crusade.” Christopher Tolkien, already a bane to Lord of the Ring fans everywhere, is pressing on his long-running court battle to receive $80 million in back payments from a deal that was signed in 1969. Christopher, who is now 83, apparently was facing tax problems and had to sell the rights to his father’s work.

The lawsuit, which will be presented to a judge on June 6th, will lay claim to Christopher’s right to terminate film rights to The Hobbit and its sequel.

By Erik Samdahl
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