Pretty Cool Saw V Movie Poster

I hate the Saw movies. Despite what some people think, the first one was bad and they just got worse from there. Bad acting and directing gave way to one attempt after the next to shock the audience more and more, while becoming more convoluted and cocky with each outing. The fourth Saw movie was especially bad, the worst of the franchise.

Still, even though the main villain has been dead for over a full movie now, Lionsgate is milking its franchise once again with Saw V. I don’t blame them – audiences continue to swarm to this franchise for some God-awful reason. How much abuse can audiences take? Lionsgate is putting that question to the test.

Regardless, Lionsgate recently released a new Saw V movie poster, and I have to admit that it’s pretty damn good. Disturbing and creepy, it features Tobin Bell’s face plastered over someone else. Clever, and damn good marketing. Here’s the movie poster:

Saw 5 movie poster

By Erik Samdahl
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