Movie Review: My Best Friend’s Girl

Kate Hudson and Dane CookMy Best Friend’s Girl arrives on DVD on January 13th, 2009. Here’s my movie review for the romantic comedy:

Dane Cook continues his quest to prove he’s unfunny in My Best Friend’s Girl, a less-crude version of Good Luck Chuck with only a slightly altered premise. In the movie, Cook plays a guy named Tank, who is hired by other men to take their ex-girlfriends on dates and show those women, by being a complete and utter asshole, that their former flames aren’t so bad. So, once again, Cook plays a womanizer who ultimately falls for one of his victims.

Thankfully, My Best Friend’s Girl is no Good Luck Chuck. It isn’t hilarious, it isn’t a must-see, but it is mildly entertaining and easy to watch. It also doesn’t self-destruct the way the aforementioned did, though it isn’t completely clear of a Cook-meltdown that seems to be commonplace in his films.

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By Erik Samdahl
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