12 Rounds Movie Review (Now on DVD)

John Cena in 12 RoundsOne would think that after The Marine Hollywood would have decided that John Cena wasn’t cut out for movies, but the professional wrestler is back, this time to save his wife from the hands of an evil mastermind, in 12 Rounds.

If that sounds like the plot of The Marine only more absurd, you’re not alone. In 12 Rounds though, you see, Cena is a police detective who is accidentally responsible for the death of the bad guy’s hot girlfriend. Fearing he may never get someone as hot as her again, the bad guy (Aidan Gillen) breaks out of prison a year later (I don’t believe the movie ever explains how to a satisfying degree), kidnaps Cena’s wife (Ashley Scott), blows up their house and then forces Cena to do 12 rounds of nearly impossible and even more implausible tasks to get her back. It’s like Die Hard with a Vengeance, only without Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and entertainment value.

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By Erik Samdahl
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