TRON Legacy Concept Video

Jeff Bridges returns to his roots in TRON Legacy, the sequel to the 1980’s virtual reality flick Tron. The movie is scheduled to debut sometime in 2010, and will most likely be in 3D. Below is a concept video that debuted at Comic-Con, which features two motorcyclists racing through a virtual world.

It looks like Speed Racer, only good. How good? That remains to be seen. The movie is going to need a legitimate plot and screenplay, because we’ve passed the age where special effects alone can “wow” people. In a world where we have some pretty incredible visual effects in video games, the weird visuals in the movie don’t necessarily offer a realistic environment. But, TRON Legacy still looks pretty cool…

I do remember seeing a very similar video like this a while back; I can’t remember if it’s the exact same one only with the film’s new title, but it may be.

By Erik Samdahl
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