Upcoming DC Comics Movie Release Dates

The FlashLast week, The Hollywood Reporter ran a story on the upcoming DC Comics movie adaptations that are coming to theaters, as well as television shows and other media projects in development. Though Warner Brothers and DC lay claim to the highly successful Batman series, the company appears to be floundering with a lot of its properties while rival Marvel has established a very strong lineup (you can view upcoming Marvel comic book movie release dates here) and their own studio.

Here are the upcoming DC Comics movie adaptations scheduled to make it to the big screen. Many of the release dates are quite vague at this point:

  • Man of SteelJune 14, 2013
  • Superman/Batman Movie (Man of Steel 2) – TBA 2015
  • The Flash – release date TBA 2016 (rumored)
  • Justice League – release date TBA 2017 (rumored)
  • No movie release dates but in the pipeline:
    • Constantine 2 – release date TBA
    • Aquaman –  release date TBA
    • Green Arrow/Super Max – dead in the water?
    • Shazam – release date TBA
    • Wonder Woman – release date TBA

As you can see, DC Comics has a lot of movie potential, but they have yet to cement many of the projects. Please comment with any updates as they come in!

By Erik Samdahl
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