Watch Bao Tran’s Bookie Right Now

Bao Tran's BookieA couple years ago, one of my friends and coworkers invited me to attend a film premiere at the Seattle Art Museum, and I, being a movie buff, obliged her. We showed up and waited in the lobby for half an hour as the previous screening – yes, there were two consecutive showings – emptied from the theater. Another half hour or so later, along with the second large crowd of the evening, I watched Bookie, directed by Bao Tran.

The movie is a 20-minute short film about – yes, you guessed it – a bookie (Ken Quitugua) who decides to put his neck on the line to save the bar girl he loves (the absolutely gorgeous Angela Adto), despite the fact that they both work for a not-so-nice gangster. Set in the 1960’s, Bookie is surprisingly realistic and entertaining. It’s well-written and acted, which is somewhat rare for a short film. Most impressively, the direction is excellent; watching the film – a Hollywood-looking flick made for pennies – I thought to myself, “This guy is going somewhere.”

He hasn’t made it big yet, but he has won a variety of awards for Bookie; it’s played in a variety of festivals, including the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). Furthermore, Bao Tran was recently profiled and interviewed in the latest edition of Seattle Magazine – read the article now.

Furthermore, you can watch this great little film – Bookie – right now:

By Erik Samdahl
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