5 Underrated Movies

Many moviegoers prefer to check with the critics before visiting the local movie theater or the video rental store. Whether these enthusiasts look at the movie reviews in the morning newspaper or stop by a website such as Rotten Tomatoes, they can usually rely on the critics comments to direct them to the best movie. Typically, the critics make wonderful selection, but they have certainly missed a few gems over the years. As such, you may have passed up the following five movies, but I’d suggest giving them a try!

1. Titanic

The story of star-crossed lovers on that ill-fate ship was the most expensive movie ever produced. With its fresh-faced cast and ultra long running time, the critics didn’t expect this romance movie to be a success. But the skyrocketing box office sales suggested otherwise.

2. Bring It On

Yes, it is a girlie cheerleading movie, but Bring it On is also surprisingly intelligent and funny, and what’s more, it shows that cheerleaders are not the caricatures everyone makes them out to be.

3. Desperado

Critics slammed it for focusing on flashy gun fights, but they seemed to have missed the clever dialogue and plot. Sure, it may not be the most intellectual movie of all time, but it definitely is entertaining.

4. Romeo Must Die

Although there are far too many rehashings of the classic Shakespeare play, this urbanized version of Romeo and Juliet was well acted by Jet Li and believe it or not, Aaliyah.

5. The Sweetest Thing

The theater version of this had significantly less adult humor, earning it an R rating. But the unrated DVD version is one of the funniest female comedies out there. If you saw this in theaters and were disappointed, try renting the less appropriate version.

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By James Mowery
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