11 Horror Movies to Watch this Halloween

It’s Halloween, which means it’s horror movie time! While many people will be out on the town Saturday night, Halloween itself falls on a Sunday – which means that most people will be at home, recovering from the night before and ready to watch some movies (oh, and some football). There are plenty of horror movies to choose from, but that’s just the problem! Where do you start? Most horror movies are crap, but there are also many great classics – and hidden gems.

For recommendations, visit our horror movies database, which contains every major horror movie release since 1995.

To save you time, though, here are a few random recommendations, in alphabetical order:

  • The Descent
    One of the most legitimately scary monster movies of all.
  • Event Horizon
    Not perfect, but Event Horizon is one scary ride into the pits of Hell.
  • The Frighteners
    This Peter Jackson-directed classic is a comedy, but it still features one disturbing, supernatural serial killer.
  • Halloween (Rob Zombie version)
    Not to say this is better than the original Halloween, but not everyone has seen Rob Zombie’s new version – which presents a chilling view of Michael Myers never before seen. Skip the sequel, though.
  • The Orphanage
    Little kids are scary, especially when they’re dead, wearing a mask and haunting you.
  • Orphan
    This evil child movie isn’t perfect, but is a good entry in the sub-genre.
  • Quarantine
    A unique twist on zombies (well, despite the fact it’s a shot-by-shot remake of a Spanish film), this scary, hand-held ride puts horror in a whole new perspective.
  • Stephen’s King The Mist
    This monster movie is more about the dangers of religious fanaticism than scaring the audience, but it prevents some good thrills and a killer ending.
  • A Tale of Two Sisters
  • This Korean-language movie, which has since been remade for American audiences, is scary, chilling and often overlooked.
  • Vacancy
    More a thriller than a horror movie, but Vacancy, which stars Kate Beckinsale as one half of a couple who stop at the wrong hotels, is surprisingly entertaining.
  • Wolf Creek
    This disturbing slasher pic features a dark performance by the film’s killer and satisfyingly gory moments of terror.
By Erik Samdahl
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