Could the G.I. Joe Sequel Actually Be Good?

It couldn’t be much worse.

The first G.I. Joe was a piece of crap. Bad writing, bad acting and laughable special effects all made it what it was. I blame Stephen Sommers. After all, he is a pretty lousy director who got lucky with The Mummy and managed to trick studios into thinking that he can make good movies.

As bad of a director as he is, Stephen Sommers does make some serious dough for the studios. Even G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra made a lot of money.

A sequel was inevitable.

Even before the first movie was released, however, there were rumors circulating that Stephen Sommers and the studio were not seeing eye-to-eye. The rumors even went so far as to suggest that Sommers was fired from the movie in post-production. The rumors were debunked when the studio announced Sommers was signed on to direct a sequel.

I always thought the announcement was bullshit.

And now it’s been confirmed.

Two agents for other filmmakers have been approached to have their clients direct G.I. Joe 2, according to The Los Angeles Times. They say they were told that Stephen Sommers will not be returning for the sequel. Paramount declined to comment.

This is great news. Unless Paramount hires McG, they’re sure to upgrade. I’m still certain G.I. Joe can become a viable, quality product – in the right hands. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if G.I. Joe 2 becomes a reboot more than a sequel, allowing Paramount to erase all ties to the original.

By Erik Samdahl
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