Let Me In Review and DVD Giveaway

Let Me In, the surprisingly good remake of the excellent Swedish thriller Let the Right One In, comes to DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday, February 1. The movie, about a bullied boy who is befriended by a girl vampire, is directed by Matt Reeves, who did Cloverfield and will soon be releasing the upcoming X-Men: First Class.

Let Me In wasn’t perfect. While visually striking and well acted, the movie suffered from two things:

  1. Reeves decided to do what occurs in so many American horror remakes, and that’s add in unnecessary special effects. Sometimes less is more, which was what was so great about the original.
  2. Speaking of the original, it was only released a year earlier. And was critically praised. And was an excellent movie. So watching the same thing again – only in English – left little to the imagination.

Read our full Let Me In movie review. Oh, and we’re also giving away a free copy of the DVD, along with a mini comic book and theatrical poster. Enter to win the Let Me In DVD giveaway today.

By Erik Samdahl
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