Fast and Furious 6: The Inevitable Sequel

It’s a shocker, I know. To even think Universal would consider a sixth Fast and Furious movie is beyond me! I mean, it’s not like the fifth movie – Fast Five – has made nearly $200 million in its first few days of release. It’s not like it made $86 million in the United States during its opening weekend.

Wait! What? It met those numbers? It’s going to double its $120 million production budget by the end of the week?

Yes, that’s right, folks. Fast and Furious 6 is on its way. It was really a given. Here’s what director Justin Lin had to say to USA Today:

“After this big weekend, we’re going forward. It’s pretty much 100 percent. It’s going to happen.”

Exciting quote. I know. Thanks for that, Justin. I really appreciate it.

“We’ll be going elsewhere.”

I didn’t ask whether Fast and Furious 6 would be set in another location. I just assumed it would be. He’s like a mind reader!

On a side note, Justin Lin sure has propelled himself into a lucrative career. After directing the incredibly awesome Better Luck Tomorrow, a movie I gave an A+ and rated as one of the best movies of 2003, he helmed the forgettable James Franco drama Annapolis before driving the Fast and Furious franchise through a wall with Tokyo Drift. Thankfully, it was one of those thin paper walls the Japanese like and he rebounded in a big way with the box office hit Fast and Furious. Now, he’s the director of April’s biggest movie on record. Not too shabby.

By Erik Samdahl
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