The Best Colin Farrell Movies of All Time

For some reason, Colin Farrell has developed a love-him-or-hate-him reputation with audiences and critics. I for one find him to be one of the most talented actors working today, and have felt that way since he debuted in Tigerland over a decade ago. Farrell has proven to be a versatile actor who can and is willing to take on just about any juicy role, whether it’s playing a sleazy boss in Horrible Bosses or a love-smitten hit man in In Bruges.

Farrell is receiving strong reviews for his portrayal as an evil vampire in the horror-comedy remake Fright Night, so I figured it was about time to look back on the actor’s career.

Here are the ten best Colin Farrell movies of all time…

No. 10. A Home At the End of the World (2004)

This little-known romantic drama stars Colin Farrell as a man stuck in a love triangle with a woman and another man. In our original review, we said “Colin Farrell, easily one of the best actors out there, is terrific. What impresses me most about Farrell is that he plays so many different characters and is willing to do smaller, edgier roles despite his growing status in Hollywood.”

No. 9. The Recruit (2003)

This Al Pacino-starring spy thriller is by no means perfect – after all, it stars Pacino in all his scene-chewing glory – but despite its flaws, The Recruit is a reasonably entertaining movie. The protagonist is played by Colin Farrell, who finds himself stuck between his mentor and the truth, right and wrong, freedom and jail, life and death. You get the point. Containing several small twists, The Recruit is a fun if somewhat forgettable movie from director Roger Donaldson.

No. 8. Phone Booth (2003)

After Colin Farrell got his big break in 2000’s Tigerland, he reteamed with director Joel Schumacher for the ambitious thriller Phone Booth, about a sleazy man who finds himself trapped by a sniper. The experiment doesn’t completely work, but comes close. More impressive is the fact that Farrell is intense in what is essentially a one-man show.

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By Erik Samdahl
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