The Others Scares Itself Onto Blu-Ray

“Are you mad? I am your daughter.”

The creepy 2001 thriller The Others creeps onto Blu-Ray this week, and if you haven’t seen this classic – or haven’t seen it in a long time – it’s worth adding to your collection. The bonus features are pathetic, but the movie offers the perfect blend of intrigue, scares and a few other surprises.

The Others stars Nicole Kidman as a reserved mother of two children who suffer from a rare disease that makes them deathly allergic to sunlight. Cut off from the rest of the world, they begin to suspect that their large house has become haunted as strange sounds and other weird things begin to happen.

The movie features a great performance by an underrated Nicole Kidman and haunting direction by Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar (Open Your Eyes, The Sea Inside), who manages to make very simple sounds and settings immensely creepy and at times downright frightening. As spooky as the film is, it’s the third act where The Others really shines, but to go into much detail would be counterproductive.

Unfortunately, the Blu-Ray offers very little of value, not even an audio commentary. The mini-documentary about the movie included on the disc – apparently a new addition – is a promotional piece of junk, a complete waste of time. The “intimate look at the director” is more of the same, filler, nothing more.

A four-minute feature that shows how visual effects were applied to certain scenes is mildly interesting, but hardly valuable. The featurette that explains the real disease, Xeroderma Pigmentosum, is better as it includes interviews with a kid that is actually suffering from the syndrome, but it still lacks bite.

And that’s it.

Yeah, it’s sort of depressing.

The Others is a great horror-thriller and worthy of belonging to any film fan’s collection, but the Blu-Ray does little to inspire much enthusiasm. At least the movie looks nice.

By Erik Samdahl
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