Holiday Buying Guide: 10 Movies to Buy this Holiday Season

If you survived Black Friday – meaning you avoided the pepper spraying, fighting, shootings and stabbings (what the hell is wrong with people these days?) – then you’re probably in full-on holiday buying mode. A lot of great movies were released this year – and a lot of bad ones, too – so for the average buyer, it’s tough to cut through the crap. Here is a list of ten movies to buy this holiday season that will make any movie lover happy:

If you were to buy one action movie…
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

Harry, Ron and Hermione hunt down the remaining Horifixes as Lord Voldemort descends upon Hogwarts, threatening to kill everyone to get his hands on Harry.

Why buy it?
Sure, there was Thor and X-Men: First Class and Transformers: Dark of the Moon, all of which are worthwhile action films, but none meet the emotional or epic nature of the final Harry Potter movie.

If you were to buy one animated movie…

A domesticated chameleon (voiced by Johnny Depp) finds himself stranded in the middle of the Nevada desert and stumbles across a forgotten town facing a severe water shortage and held host by a band of thugs.

Why buy it?
In a year where Pixar faltered with the unnecessary sequel Cars 2, Paramount Pictures stepped up with this beautifully animated, eccentric and unique adventure-comedy gem. The movie may be a bit too strange and twisted for the youngest of children, but Rango is the best animated comedy of the year.

If you were to buy one comedy…

An out-of-work woman (Kristen Wiig) is asked to be the maid of honor for her best friend (Maya Rudolph), but faces competition from a prettier and richer bridesmaid (Rose Byrne).

Why buy it?
With a slew of R-rated comedies released this year – Bad Teacher, Horrible Bosses and The Change-Up to name a few – this category should have been more competitive. But Bridesmaids was the most consistently funny and entertaining comedies of the years. As a bonus, the Blu-ray is also packed with hilarious deleted scenes and bloopers.

If you were to buy one romantic comedy…
Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Cal (Steve Carell) learns his wife (Julianne Moore) has been cheating on him and wants a divorce. Suddenly single, he is taken under the wing of a suave young bachelor Jacob (Ryan Gosling). Meanwhile, Jacob, who has always been more interested in the hunt than a real relationship, falls in love with a young lawyer named Hannah (Emma Stone) who is resistant to his seductive ways.

Why buy it?
Romantic, funny and consistently entertaining, Crazy, Stupid, Love lives up to its title in more ways than one. The third act is especially fun as the filmmakers let the movie’s several subplots collide in a hilarious, heartwarming way.

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By Erik Samdahl
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