Men in Black 3 Trailer Says It’s Time to End this Franchise

I loved the first Men in Black movie. Its sequel, the intelligently titled Men in Black 2, was mediocre at best, but still entertaining at times. Now, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back for another dose of J and K, but I have a feeling I’ll be less interested in the film’s time travel storyline and more interested in checking my watch to see how much longer remains before I can leave the theater and do something more entertaining.

Men in Black 3 just looks bad. While the addition of Josh Brolin as a younger, spot-on version of Tommy Lee Jones is inspired, the whole production just looks tired. Smith isn’t as energetic, Jones clearly won’t be in the movie much at all and the very fact that time travel is involved spells disaster for this franchise. Franchises where time travel are embedded into their core – Back to the Future, or Austin Powers for that matter – can pull it off. Franchises that suddenly pull the time travel card out of their hat to give audiences something fresh and "never-before-seen"… uh-oh! Anyone remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time?


But I’d like to hear your thoughts. Watch the new Men in Black 3 movie trailer and tell me what you think:

By Erik Samdahl
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