The Expendables 2 Wins the Box Office Battle, Not the War

Sylvestor Stallone and his crew of over-the-hill action buddies from yesteryear won the box office battle, just like they were expected to. The Expendables 2 earned an estimated $28.75 million, a fair start for a mid-August release. Not for a sequel that features bigger roles for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis.

The first Expendables opened to $34.8 million, and most box office analysts expected the sequel to beat it. They clearly disregarded the degree to which audiences remembered how terrible the first movie was. In other words, they won the battle, but they lost the war. Well, sort of. After overseas box office totals are collected, the movie will still earn a pretty penny. Let’s move on.

ParaNorman opened to an adequate $14.0 million, which is just a notch below the $16 million the much-more-marketed Coraline opened to a few years earlier. Sparkle, Whitney Houston’s last film, opened to $12 million and should fade quickly. It would have helped had they marketed this one just a little.

Finally, The Odd Life of Timothy Green earned $10.9 million over the weekend for a five-day total of $15 million.

Here are the full box office estimates for the weekend:

1. The Expendables 2 $28.8 million
2. The Bourne Legacy $17.0 million
3. ParaNorman $14.0 million
4. The Campaign $13.4 million
5. Sparkle $12.0 million
6. The Dark Knight Rises $11.1 million
7. The Odd Life of Timothy Green $10.9 million
8. Hope Springs $9.1 million
9. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Kids $3.9 million
10. Total Recall $3.5 million
By Erik Samdahl
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