The 9 Best Jason Bourne Movie Scenes

3. Moscow car battle

In many ways much of the last act of The Bourne Supremacy is one long action sequence, spanning both Berlin and Moscow. But it’s in Moscow where rubber really hits the road as Jason Bourne flees from Kirill, the man who killed Marie. They eventually find their way racing through a tunnel, but to call it a car chase would be inaccurate.

Bourne and Kirill battle back and forth for the upper hand, but ultimately it’s Jason Bourne who makes the right move at the right time, turning his battered cab into a weapon of revenge as he slams the assassin into a divider, immediately rendering the killer obsolete.

2. Jason Bourne reemerges in Naples

As the CIA actively searches for clues about Jason Bourne’s whereabouts, the former agent pops onto the grid in Naples, where he is subsequently shuffled into a small office where a low-level representative from the U.S. consulate attempts to interrogate him, unaware of who or what he is.

Of course, the capture and interrogation is all a part of Bourne’s plan to gain new clues about those pursuing him, and in one fluid motion he takes out the interrogator and the Italian guard standing nearby, hacks into the man’s phone and steals his car.

Not only does the scene tell us everything we need to know about Bourne’s capabilities, but it also introduces the ice-cold demeanor of Pamela Landy, who rips into the suddenly concussed consulate officer.

Though it’s a scene that could so easily be overlooked, this Bourne Supremacy gem is one of my favorites.

1. She’s standing right next to you.

If this list is any indication, I love when characters are caught off guard in believable and jarring ways. The Bourne movies are full of these moments, and none are better than the sequence where, in The Bourne Supremacy, Jason Bourne calls Pamela Landy while watching her from the rooftop across the street.

As she tries to establish control over the situation, Bourne asks that Landy send the "girl who ran logistics for Treadstone". Landy feigns ignorance as to the girl’s identity and whereabouts, but as Bourne puts it so eloquently, "It’s easy. She’s standing right next to you."

In that simple moment, Bourne establishes who really has the upper hand.

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By Erik Samdahl
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