Six Criminally-Overlooked Films That Never Won an Oscar but Should Have

The Oscars are viewed as the most-prestigious awards in the film industry – but every now and then a truly special movie misses out when the gold statuettes are given out.

Here are six films that never won an Oscar and should have…

Blade Runner (1982)

Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic received two Oscar nominations for best visual effects and best art direction only to miss out to E.T and Gandhi respectively.

Gandhi also took the coveted best picture award ahead of E.T, leaving Blade Runner‘s cult army of fans disappointed. Blade Runner, though, has claimed top spot in several greatest sci-fi movie polls.

Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Not many films take viewers on the range of emotions they experience when watching Full Metal Jacket.

From a side-splitting opening 30 minutes to a bittersweet ending, Stanley Kubrick’s legendary flick is an absolute masterpiece. It didn’t earn Oscar honours, however, although it was in the running for best adapted screenplay. The Last Emperor triumphed in both that category and overall best picture.

King Kong (1933)

How this iconic film never received a single Oscar nomination is an absolute travesty.

The original King Kong film broke new ground and has spawned thousands and thousands of monster movies. It remains a compelling watch nearly eight decades after its release and must have scared the living daylights out of cinemagoers back in the 1930s.

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By Joe Griffiths
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