The Terminator Anthology: New Box, Old Parts

Judgment Day has yet to come (though the Republic National Convention might be the latest sign of our impending doom), but Warner Brothers is giving fans yet another opportunity to spend their hard-earned cash to watch the world perish in a fiery blaze, and buy movies they already own.

The Terminator Anthology is a five-disc Blu-ray set, now available in stores, that includes all four Terminator movies, though I prefer to ignore that McG one. It comes in a sexy, condensed box that thankfully won’t take up half a shelf of space.

Though the movies have been released on Blu-ray before, this is the first time I’ve watched them in high-definition. Of the scenes I watched – most notably the prison escape sequence in Terminator 2: Judgment Day – the movies look great, but that’s really no surprise.

If you already own the Terminator movies on Blu-ray, there’s not a whole lot worth seeing in this new set. Actually, there is nothing. Warner Brothers simply took previously released versions of the movies, same bonus features, out-of-date menus and all, and repackaged them in a new box. The Terminator Anthology is pure marketing, but if you’re reading this, you already knew that.

The set did finally give me an excuse to watch Terminator Salvation for a second time. I watched it on opening day and within approximately two minutes I knew McG had screwed up big time. I hated the movie.

Terminator Salvation wasn’t nearly as bad the second time around. It is still pretty forgettable, Sam Worthington is painfully bad and it’s still shocking that John Conner (Christian Bale) is not the main protagonist, but as far as mindless action movies go, I’m over it.

Back to the Anthology.

If you don’t own the movies on Blu-ray, now may be the time to invest in them, but if you’re a special features kind of guy – which I most certainly am not – the Terminator Anthology offers absolutely nothing new. For that reason, it’s hard to view it as anything more than a repackaged set of old parts, even if those old parts still kick a lot of ass.

On a related note, we’re giving away a copy of the anthology to one lucky winner. Enter to win today.

By Erik Samdahl
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