The 12 Funniest Movies of 2012

No. 3. This is 40

If This is 40 is any indication, getting old is going to suck. Or be a riot. I can’t tell. The latest Judd Apatow comedy is more a series of vignettes than a fully fleshed story, but isn’t that more in line with reality? It isn’t perfect (the movie is way too long for starters), but This is 40 hits where it counts: the funny bone.

No. 2. Ted

I’m not a “Family Guy” fan, but Academy Awards host Seth MacFarlane won me over anyway with the man-child bromance Ted, which thankfully also stars Mila Kunis looking cute a cocaine-snorting Flash Gordon to offset the hilarious absurdity you get when Mark Wahlberg is paired with a crude, woman-loving, talking teddy bear that sounds suspiciously like Peter Griffin.

No. 1. Alex Cross

The funniest movie of the year isn’t a comedy. At least not an intentional one. A remix thriller starring an anorexic Jack from “Lost,” a confused Tyler Perry and Cadillac, Madea’s Serious Crime Thriller gets everything wrong. So wrong that I spent much of the movie laughing so hard I literally had tears streaking down my face.

And two more you may not expect:

The Sessions

The Sessions is the true story of a crippled man who lives in an iron lung. It’s also about him trying to get laid. And like all tales about virgins trying to get laid, the movie has its fair share of laughs. Yes, it’s a drama – one of the ten best movies of the year – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be funny.

The Intouchables

The Intouchables is another drama that has a surprisingly sharp comedic edge. The movie, about a quadriplegic who hires an inexperienced inner city man to be his assistant, is serious when it needs to be, but spends much of the time like the characters do: having fun, laughing and doing stupid things.

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By Erik Samdahl
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