The 9 Best Will Smith Movies

No. 6. Ali (2001)

Will Smith was nominated for an Oscar for this lengthy biopic about Muhammad Ali. His performance is incredible and his physical transformation shows his dedication to the role. In some other years, he would have had a shot at gold, but he was up against the likes of Denzel Washington (Training Day) and Russell Crowe (A Beautiful Mind).

The movie is far from perfect – it is too long and rambling at times – but features a great recreation of the famous fight “The Rumble in the Jungle”, in which an outmatched Ali managed to defeat the dominant George Foreman.

No. 5. Hitch (2005)

The worst thing about Hitch is that it made Kevin James a box office star.

This funny romantic comedy has Will Smith playing a date doctor who takes on an especially hopeless case (James) to help him win over a beautiful woman (played by Amber Valletta, one of many on-screen partners who are way out of Kevin James’ league). Unfortunately, his advice doesn’t work so well when he falls for an attractive gossip columnist (Eva Mendes).

Smith and, as much as it pains me to say, James make for a good pairing, and Hitch delivers both laughs and romance.

No. 4. Bad Boys (1995)

Will Smith became box office gold overnight when Michael Bay plucked him from TV land to star in what would be for the both of them the beginning of two very lucrative careers. Smith and Martin Lawrence star as police detectives who get in over their heads while trying to protect a witness (Tea Leoni).

Made before Michael Bay’s antics were predictable or even stereotypical, Bad Boys is full of action and has lots of laughs. Tea Leoni looks damn good, too.

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By Erik Samdahl
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