Box Office Report: Minions Giggle At Tonto

I’m almost feeling bad about picking on The Lone Ranger so much. Almost.

Tonto and the oh-so-lonely Lone Ranger were left eating dust… the dust of a thousand minions racing past them in the box office race. Despicable Me 2 obliterated The Lone Ranger this weekend, and you can practically hear the minions giggling in the way that the minions giggle at Johnny Depp and his white-face paint.

Then again, the minions are giggling at a lot of movies as they have earned their master Gru a few dump trucks worth of money over the last five days – to the sum of $142 million. With a three-day opening weekend estimate of $82.5 million, the animated comedy had the third largest Independence Day debut, behind just Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Spider-Man 2. It also eclipsed the likes of Monsters University and Toy Story 3.

Somewhere out in the desert, The Lone Ranger found itself sitting at a watering hole with fellow Disney chum John Carter, a dubious honor to say the least. The movie, which has an estimated budget of $200 – 250 million before marketing costs, earned only $29.4 million this weekend and a five-day total of $48.9 million.

The movie will have to rely on international dollars to make up ground, but even with Johnny Depp at the reins, a poorly made western is unlikely to earn the money needed for this movie to come anywhere close to breaking even.

In other news, Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain debuted to a very strong $10.1 million over the weekend and $17.5 million over five days from only 876 locations.

Box office totals (in millions), courtesy of

  1. Despicable Me 2 – $82.5 ($142.1 five-day)
  2. The Lone Ranger – $29.4 ($48.9 five-day)
  3. The Heat – $25.0
  4. Monsters University – $19.6
  5. World War Z – $18.2
  6. White House Down – $13.5
  7. Man of Steel – $11.4
  8. Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain – $10.1 ($17.5 five-day)
  9. This is the End – $5.8
  10. Now You See Me – $2.8


By Erik Samdahl
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