The Worst Movies of 2013 – So Far

The year of our lord of 2013 has more than halfway run its course, and sadly there have been more bad movies than good up to this point. It is only proper to highlight these travesties so they can be shamed repeatedly, for they have not been shamed enough. Here are the worst movies of 2013 – so far:

No. 9. The Host

The Host┬ápresents an intriguing premise and better overall production values than the Twilight franchise, but suffers from the same aimless and anticlimactic storytelling – and pathetically dopey romances. Love square, anyone?

No. 8. The Last Exorcism Part II

In Hollywood, nothing is sacred, not even the word “last.” This sequel drops everything that made the first one surprisingly good and replaces those elements with cliche scare tactics. The ending isn’t a complete waste, however.

No. 7. Oz, the Great and Powerful

This bloated, boring and unimaginative orgy of cartoonish special effects starring James Franco playing James Franco was a box office success – but money doesn’t mean quality. Where the $325 million budget went is still beyond me.

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By Erik Samdahl
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