The Worst Movies of 2013 – So Far

No. 6. A Good Day to Die Hard

Five months after watching this movie, I seethe every time I hear about it. I am still convinced director John Moore and writer Skip Woods never watched, nor appreciated, the previous Die Hard movies, because this one gets it all wrong.

No. 5. Pain & Gain

There’s nothing funnier than a comedy about a group of real-life sociopaths whose dream of riches spiral out of control, forcing them to kill, butcher and barbeque their victims. Michael Bay, you’re so clever!

No. 4. The Lone Ranger

Do you think that right now, at this very moment, Johnny Depp is sitting on a beach asking himself, Wait, it wasn’t a good idea to do blackface in the 21st century? In fairness, his racist character is the least problematic part of this boring and agonizingly long western.

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By Erik Samdahl
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