The Worst Movies of 2013 – So Far

No. 3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Leatherface is back, and oh boy. Texas Chainsaw 3D is the worst kind of horror movie: a movie so bad it goes beyond being funny bad back to just being bad. The ending is so bad… words cannot describe.

No. 2. Movie 43

Does Movie 43 represent the greatest waste of talent in the history of cinema? The very first segment features Hugh Jackman with testicles hanging from his neck, and he is just one of many big stars who lent their names to this project.

No. 1. Identity Thief

Movie 43 received the only “F” from FilmJabber so far, but there is just something truly terrible about Identity Thief, which pairs two comedic naturals and yet still manages to tell a story devoid of laughs, humor and entertainment value. Identity Thief is the worst movie of 2013 so far.

What about After Earth?

I was spared the misfortune of seeing After Earth in theaters, as I ended up drinking with my boss instead of getting intoxicated by M. Night Shyamalan goodness. I’ll see it on DVD, but until then – it will remain in this placeholder section until we can verify it is as bad as everyone says it is.

More Bad Movies of 2013

See our full list of the best and worst movies of 2013, and tell us what we missed – or what you disagree with – below.

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By Erik Samdahl
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