22 Must-See Movies Coming Fall 2013

Summer is over, but it’s no time to get depressed. The fall movie season is just revving up, and there are plenty of possibly great films hitting theaters over the next several months (September through November). Half of them seem to star Michael Fassbender or Matthew McConaughey.

Here are 22 must-see movies being released in the fall of 2013:

No. 22. Runner Runner

High-concept films such as Runner Runner – which is about a young man (Justin Timberlake) who is drawn into the questionable business world of online gambling by a morally shady Ben Affleck – can often fall apart at the seams. But director Brad Furman’s latest film was the excellent The Lincoln Lawyer, so who knows.

October 4

No. 21. We Are What We Are

Described as a “gothic horror film,” We Are What We Are is about a reclusive family that maintains ancient customs – such as eating other people. When a flood reveals some of their victims, their way of life is put at risk. I’m intrigued.

September 27

No. 20. The Best Man Holiday

Fourteen years after director Malcolm D. Lee burst onto the scene with the funny comedy-drama The Best Man, he brings back the original cast for another go-around. Whether the movie is a cash grab or something more remains to be seen, but the movie looks like a lot of fun.

November 15

No. 19. A Single Shot

Sam Rockwell plays a hunter who accidentally kills a person and discovers a pile of cash. Naturally, the owners of the cash want it back. It’s been a while since a good spiral-out-of-control thriller like this has come along, and while the lack of promotion for the film is a little worrisome, here’s hoping A Single Shot has multiple reasons to watch.

September 20

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By Erik Samdahl
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