The 13 Most Overlooked Movies of 2013

Each year, hundreds if not thousands of movies are released in theaters, on DVD or online, yet the vast majority of these are never seen by the masses – even when they star Oscar-winning actors or are backed by major distributors. Here are 13 movies of 2013 that you probably didn’t see (they all earned under $30 million in the United States), but should.

13. All is Lost

This Robert Redford-starrer is not for everyone. After all, Redford is the only person in the movie, he barely talks and the entire film is about him trying to survive a shipwreck on the high seas. Some people will find it boring, but others, like me, found it riveting and quietly suspenseful. The movie only earned $7 million worldwide.

12. The Hunt

The only foreign-language film on this list, because us Americans hate reading subtitles, The Hunt stars Mads Mikkelsen (best known in the U.S. as the bad guy from Casino Royale) as a day care specialist who is falsely accused of sexually abusing his best friend’s young daughter. The drama made $16 million worldwide, but just over half a million in the U.S.

11. The Kings of Summer

This coming-of-age drama-comedy about a group of teenage boys who flee into the woods for a summer made only $1.3 million despite rave reviews, an accessible story and some pretty funny characters.

10. The Last Stand

One of two Arnold Schwarzenegger movies on this list, The Last Stand earned $45 million worldwide but only $12 million domestically, proving what we all know: most Americans just don’t care about 21st century Arnold. It’s a shame, because the movie, about a small-town sheriff who attempts to prevent a dangerous drug cartel leader from fleeing into Mexico is surprisingly fun.

You're Next

9. You’re Next

Speaking of fun, the horror movie You’re Next is an absolute blast – as long as you don’t mind creatively gory murders, badass heroines and terrible acting/dialogue. With exception to star Sharni Vinson, the acting is truly horrid – but it actually makes the satisfaction of watching all of those people die all the more entertaining. The movie made $25 million worldwide.

8. Escape Plan

This action-thriller starring Sylvestor Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger made $124 million worldwide, but only $24 million domestically, despite an entertainingly simple, high-concept story about a prison escape artist (do you think such people actually exist?) who is betrayed and locked away in an ultra-secret prison.

7. The Sapphires

This comedy-drama about four aboriginal women who start a hit band in Australia during the Vietnam War won’t win any awards, buts its fast pace and comedic undertones make it surprisingly entertaining. Having earned only $20 million worldwide, it deserves more attention on DVD.

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By Erik Samdahl
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