25 Movies You Have to See in 2014

300: Rise of an Empire

20. The Hobbit: There and Back Again

Yeah, the first two Hobbit movies are both throwaway entertainment at best, and there’s no reason to expect anything different from the third and final entry, except that it is the third and final entry. And because the trilogy finally, finally has a climax. And because Smaug.

19. Sin City: A Dam to Kill For

I’ve put this long overdue sequel on my “movies to see this year” lists more times than I can count, and frankly I no longer really give a damn. But it sounds like 2014 may finally be the year, so I’ll leave Sin City on here one last time. But if it gets delayed again… it’s gone.

18. 300: Rise of an Empire

It’s almost guaranteed that this largely unnecessary action sequel will be nowhere as good as the Zack Snyder original, but I can’t deny that I’m looking forward to seeing more chiseled Spartans lay waste to hordes of Persian invaders.

17. Transcendence

Johnny Depp plays a terminally ill genius who transfers his brain into a computer, but once unrestricted by a human body he realizes he is practically unstoppable – and becomes Skynet, unleashed nuclear war upon the world and sends a cyborg back in time to kill the mother of John Conner.

16. The Monuments Men

This George Clooney-directed comedy-drama about World War II soldiers who travel around Europe attempting to rescue ancient artwork from the Nazis was originally expected to be award bait, but it was pushed from late 2013 into early 2014. Not a good sign. Still, the movie is directed by George Clooney and has a great cast – so maybe, hopefully, the release date push was purely for financial purposes.

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By Erik Samdahl
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