25 Movies You Have to See in 2014


10. Divergent

The first trailer for Divergent was underwhelming and did little to set itself apart from other young adult science fiction adaptations, but having just read the first two books in the series, all I can say is that I hope this movie is just as entertaining and addictive.

9. Edge of Tomorrow

Despite what you think of Tom Cruise, the actor rarely delivers a bad movie. Essentially Groundhog Day without the humor and more aliens, Edge of Tomorrow is about a soldier who dies minutes into an alien invasion – only to reawaken earlier in the day over and over again.

8. Dumb and Dumber To

Chances are that this long awaited sequel to Dumb and Dumber – and yes, starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels – is going to be terrible. After all, it’s hard to capture lightning in a bottle twice, especially, 20 years after the original (don’t you feel old?). But I don’t care. I’m looking forward to it anyway.

7. Welcome to Yesterday

This found footage thriller that looks like a blend between Chronicle and Primer has a group of high school friends creating (or finding?) a time travel machine, which pays dividends as one would expect from having a time travel machine. Of course, they soon learn that their time travel has consequences – and things spiral out of control from there.

6. Godzilla

There have been countless Godzilla movies over the years, including the underwhelming Matthew Broderick version from the 1990s, but based on the awesome and unsettling teaser trailer, this latest iteration is going to be an epic disaster movie.

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By Erik Samdahl
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