These 8 Summer Movies Are Going to Flop

Each year, and especially each summer, there are disappointments among the many movies released. Sometimes they are critical disappointments, sometimes they are critical failures, and sometimes they are both. The 2015 summer movie season will be no different, and these are eight movies that will likely be seen as financial disappointments.

For the sake of controversy, we admit we use the term “flop” loosely–some of these movies will probably be profitable, but will make considerably less money than expected and be considered underachievers.

Disagree with any on this list? Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments section below.

Hot Pursuit

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara’s boobs star in this spin on the buddy cop film, which basically looks like an unfunny version of The Heat. Its release date–one week after the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron and claiming the second weekend of May, a rare spot in the summer calendar that studios tend to avoid–basically speaks to both the quality of the film and its financial prospects.

Mad Max: Fury Road

There is no question: this movie looks awesome. I really want to be wrong about this, but unfortunately Fury Road is a sequel to a 30-year-old franchise that many younger moviegoers probably haven’t even heard of. The trailers have been terrific, but to those who aren’t familiar with Mad Max, especially ticket-buying parents, the movie likely looks like pure, violent chaos with no visible plot. While audiences associate Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy with quality, neither actor is a box office draw.


As a fan of the HBO comedy, I’m looking forward to this movie, but is an Entourage movie truly necessary? The show ended in proper fashion–why continue the story? Regardless, with demand limited to diehard fans of the show, this movie isn’t going to make much money in theaters.

Insidious Chapter 3

Given a presumed budget in the $20 to $30 million range, this movie won’t flop–it’ll make money. But after the huge financial success (but poorer quality) of the second movie, Chapter 3 is going to see significantly lower worldwide earnings and be seen as a disappointment.

Terminator: Genesys

This Terminator quasi-reboot has a prime release date (right before Independence Day) and marks the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to his most prominent role, but it may not even win the weekend. The previous Terminator movie was terrible and earned only $125 million domestically against a budget of $245 million. And this one… looks even worse.

Pan [since writing, this movie has been moved to the fall]

This Peter Pan origins tale boasts the involvement of Hugh Jackman, but nothing about Pan suggests that it is going to make money. 2003’s Peter Pan made only $48 million domestically, and that one looked way more family friendly than this one.

Fantastic Four

Marvel has earned a level of trust among moviegoers, but Fantastic Four is not a Marvel movie–and that’s obvious from the overly serious and somewhat lackluster trailers. While it’s hard to imagine this movie being worse than the earlier FF movies, neither the marketing nor the pre-release buzz–which includes rumors of massive disorganization that may have caused director Josh Trank to get fired from his next gig (one of the Star Wars movies)–strikes much confidence.

Ted 2

If there’s one movie on this list that I’m least confident about, it’s Ted 2. The first one was a huge box office hit, and so the sequel has a strong likelihood of making a ton of money. But something tells me that Ted was lightning in a bottle–both financially and critically–and that its sequel is going to be a disappointment in both categories.

By Erik Samdahl
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