Ranking 2015’s Summer Movies from Best to Worst

It’s been a terrific summer movie season, full of both critical and box office hits–and, of course, a few stinkers. With the summer wrapping up, we decided it was the right time to look back at all of the major movies (criteria: no limited release films) released and rank them from worst to best, primarily based on two factors: what was the initial experience like, and would we watch them again?

28. Terminator: Genisys

Terminator: Genisys is like watching one of your favorite movies, only everything is worse, skewed beyond recognition and comprehension. Actually, it is exactly that. This movie is offensive to the struggling franchise–and your brain–for more than one reason. And a major pile of cyborg doo-doo.

27. Fantastic Four

When you leave out the entire middle act of a movie, you’re going to get the reviews that Fantastic Four received. The weird thing about this epically misguided film is that it has some elements of a good movie–but that are also warped, mutated and shoved together into the shockingly flat final product that director Josh Trank and 20th Century Fox literally taped together.

26. Hot Pursuit

You’d think Sofia Vergara’s cleavage could bring about world peace, but it can’t even save this dumb, lazy comedy that so, so, so desperately wants (and fails) to be The Heat.

25. Dope

This edgy crime-comedy-drama-thriller about nerds in South LA is pretty entertaining… until it isn’t. Its tonal shifts and wants-to-be-more-than-what-it-is third act ruins its potential. That final speech is great, but so out of whack with the rest of the movie.

24. Tomorrowland

When you make a movie about the promise of a wonderful, futuristic world where the greatest minds reside–oh, and to promote Disneyland–don’t force the audience to wait an hour and a half to get there only to reveal that Tomorrowland looks like a deserted, run-down theme park.

This is what Clark Griswold must have felt.

23. Poltergeist

They’re heeeeeere… but should you care? The new Poltergeist is a rehash of the 1982 classic (which, contrary to popular belief, was written but not directed by Steven Spielberg), and by “rehash” I mean the exact same movie only not as scary, memorable or meaningful. There’s nothing wrong with this new Poltergeist, but there’s no real reason for it to exist, either.

22. Ted 2

Writer/director/star clearly scraped for material to assemble the jokes for Ted 2. That doesn’t mean it isn’t funny. But the Ted franchise is a one-trick pony that is now on its second movie–there’s no need to revisit Ted and crew again.

21. Max

Sure, this military dog drama/thriller is cheesy and is aimed at the overtly patriotic crowd, but all things considered, it’s a harmless 90 minutes of entertainment. Who knew a dog movie would end with explosions and gunfire?

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By Erik Samdahl
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