Get The Trojan Conspiracy for Only 99 Cents

I recently released my debut novel The Trojan Conspiracy, a thrilling suspense fiction novel about an FBI agent who goes missing for six months–and then returns just as mysteriously. While the book has not made the New York Times bestseller list (yet)–not that I expected it to–feedback I’ve heard from readers has been undeniably positive.

Whether you’re in the mood for some very late summer reading material or something new to celebrate going back to school, The Trojan Conspiracy is a fast-paced book that’s worth a read (I’m biased, of course).

To entice you to check it out, Amazon is currently running a special–in which you can get the book, regularly priced for Kindle at $4.99, for only 99 cents for a limited time:

  • Buy it by September 3 at 1pm PST, and you’ll get if for 99 cents (81% savings)
  • Buy it by September 5 at 6pm PST, and you’ll get if for $1.99 (61% savings)
  • Buy it by September 8 at midnight PST, and you’ll get it for $2.99 (41% savings)

What are you waiting for? Buy the book today.

By Erik Samdahl
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