Who is Luke Skywalker? 5 Thoughts About the New Star Wars Trailer

“Who is Luke Skywalker?”

This was supposedly the question that hooked J.J Abrams (who also resurrected the Star Trek franchise) into the idea of writing and directing Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise to those that’ve been paying attention to the film’s progression that Luke is noticeably missing from, both, the official poster and final trailer ahead of the December 18th release of the film.  Or perhaps it should if it’s Abrams’ intention to explore that question.

Without delving into the many conspiracy theories circulating around the crevices of Reddit regarding Luke’s inconspicuous absence from the film’s pre-release marketing, we do have to ask the question of how much screen-time Mark Hamill will actually have in Episode VII and seriously delve into the question of:

Where’s Luke?

Just for the record, Hamill is listed in the credits of the poster and on IMDB for Episode VII, so he’ll almost certainly show up at some point.   In what shape or form, remains to be seen.

Let’s trust Abrams knows what he’s doing in what he’s not revealing about the film (particularly about Luke) and especially considering how generous he’s been with particular plot details through his many interviews – and with all that’s been revealed in two teaser trailers, the poster, and official final trailer that made its debut during tonight’s Monday Night Football game.

Luke’s absence from pre-marketing materials does, in fact, amount to some pretty strong marketing for the film.  Seriously, it’s the talk of Episode VII.  So, other than the inevitable reveal of, what is likely to be, a bearded Luke Skywalker, here are a few other things that are in the details of the poster and official trailer that have me excited about the new Star Wars film:

star-wars-rey1. The Rey-Kylo Ren Connection

The poster that juxtaposes Rey (the one that looks like a cross between Shmi Skywalker and Queen Amidala) and her staff up against Kylo Ren (played by Adam Driver) and his controversial hilted lightsaber seem to imply a connection between the two.   Are they siblings?  Future combatants in a struggle for the fate of the galaxy?

The poster makes it seem as though Rey is pushing back against the pervasive red lightsaber, the dark side.  Her “I’m no one” answer to the question of “Who are you?”, in the trailer, further implies a character arch that will unfold and manifest itself over the course of the next three Star Wars “episodes.”    My guess is she’ll end up turning bad – and put us into some uncharted waters with a villainous female lead in a Hollywood sci-fi film.   Though it’s not like we aren’t already in such waters with the first shot Abrams decided to show in the first teaser.    Yay, diversity.

star-wars-han-solo2. “There are stories about what happened”

“It’s true.  All of it,” replies a very serious looking Han Solo.   Are we to assume that the “hokey religion(s)” and “ancient weapons” that Han poked fun at in A New Hope have, indeed, gone by the way of legend and myth?   I always imagined Luke starting a Jedi Academy following the events of Return of the Jedi.  But this exchange in the trailer along with the “The Force Awakens” subtitle of Episode VII would imply otherwise.  Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to see how Abrams works the 30 year aftermath of “Jedi” into the new Star Wars.

star-wars-kylo-ren3. “The Darkside … the Jedi… they’re real”

With Finn wielding a blue lightsaber in both the trailer and poster, I think it’s fairly safe to say he’ll become a Jedi at some point.  What’s more telling is that while the “Force is calling to you” and all that, not once have we heard mention of the “Sith” in any of the teasers nor the official trailer.   With past proclamations on the “Rule of Two”, my question is with whom are the red lightsaber wielding dude with his band of merrymakers in cahoots?   The appearance of Darth Vader’s helmet and Kylo’s “I will finish what you started” proclamation insinuates there’s something more pervasive awakening “the force” – did he friggin’ resurrect Darth Vader?   Let’s not forget cloning technology was around even before the time of Luke Skywalker (though don’t pull me into any debates about Boba Fett being in the prequels) … and not that I even want to think about this but let’s hope to God they’re not bringing Hayden Christiansen back for any appearances.

star-wars-ren-crying4. 1:45 into the Trailer

We see Rey crying inconsolably next to something kind of brown-ish looking and hairy….   Is that Chewbacca?       1:56 is a shot of a sad, concerned looking Leah hugging it out with Han.   I don’t even want to think of my favorite Wookie dying, so let’s hope that was just an oversized Jawa.

5. “Just let it in”

That’s what… she said? Just gonna throw this out there again but we get to watch another Star Wars film – written and directed by J.J. Abrams, in less than two months.

So, get that bad prequel taste out of your mouth and expect the best.   This is going to be awesome.  And as high of expectations as there may be for this film, after seeing the official trailer tonight, I’m seriously not worried:


Michael Scott.  Best echoing my sentiments, exactly.

By Andy Hong
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