If You Hate Scary Movies, At Least There’s ‘Edward Scissorhands’

It’s the weekend before Halloween. It’s the right time to pop a DVD or Blu-ray into the player and watch a scary movie. But I encountered an all-too-common situation last night: even if your friends want to watch a horror flick, there’s that one person who is just so deathly afraid of being afraid that they hate scary movies with a passion, that they would rather run screaming naked through the streets than sit down for two hours to suffer the agony of self-inflicted terror and the mockery from those around them.

To compromise, my friends and I ended up watching What We Do in the Shadows, the deliciously funny vampire comedy that plays in the horror realm but is by no means scary. Except Peter. Peter is scary.

Upon returning home, my eyes settled on another film that could have fit the bill, a film for which I was supposed to write a review a week prior: Edward Scissorhands, the classic Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie that has been re-released in a new 25th Anniversary Edition.

20th Century Fox didn’t send me the giftset edition, which comes with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and a topiary air freshener (because everyone needs a topiary air freshener), but they did send me the 4k Blu-ray (with Digital HD copy) that comes with two feature commentaries, one by Tim Burton, the other by composer Danny Elfman.

I don’t care for frills or even feature commentaries, but the digitally remastered film looks terrific in Blu-ray glory and holds up extremely well 25 years later. The movie is funny, weird and imaginative, and is a reminder that:

  • Johnny Depp used to be able to take on extremely strange, unrecognizable characters without just playing a strange, eccentric and goofy version of himself.
  • Tim Burton used to be able to make quaint, mesmerizing and heartfelt movies.
  • It’s a shame that Winona Ryder is still remembered most for shoplifting.
  • Edward Scissorhands is one of the most creative movies of the 1990’s.

Yes, Edward Scissorhands is not a horror movie. It’s a romantic comedy at its heart, and there isn’t a single thing scary about it. But the movie does draw from horror classics and it is about a dude with frikkin’ scissors for hands, so to say the movie could serve as an okay compromise to watch with your friend who refuses to be scared is not a complete stretch.

By Erik Samdahl
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