Why Should ‘Independence Day Resurgence’ Excite Us?

I’m a huge fan of Independence Day. The holiday is great and all, but I mean the movie. While a little cheesy in places, it still boasts some of the most impressive and iconic alien invasion sequences of all time.

So I should be excited for the long-gestating sequel, right?

There’s just something that feels like a money grab here–and the newly released trailers does little to sway my fears. It’s not that the trailer is bad–it has all the necessary elements, including that awesome speech by President Bill Pullman–but for whatever reason, I was content with Independence Day being its own sequel-free, standalone picture. After all, the aliens come, they attack, they drive humanity to the edge of extinction and then are undone by a few underdogs. The initial destruction sequences are the most exciting and entertaining parts of the movie.

The sequel is just going to repeat that, except both aliens and humans will have more advanced technology than before.

I’ll certainly still watch Independence Day Resurgence, and hopefully I’ll like it. But as it stands, it’ll take more than this trailer to get me excited. But enough about me… what do you think?

Independence Day Resurgence debuts June 24, 2016.

By Erik Samdahl
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