4 Things in Star Wars: The Force Awakens That Make No Sense

Like everyone else who knows and understands how to have fun at the movies, I had a blast at Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and my movie review proves it. That doesn’t mean it’s a perfect movie, as J.J. Abrams cut a few corners for the sake of pacing (or nostalgia).

Here are four Star Wars: The Force Awakens moments that don’t make a lot of sense, and obviously you should not read these if you haven’t seen the movie yet:

The Starkiller Base

First, can we move on from the gigantic planet-base-with-laser-beams idea? We’ve already had two Death Stars (which were both awesome), so why can’t a plot revolve around something other than a third one, even if it is so much bigger and deadlier? Why would the First Order invest so much time and money into converting an entire planet into such a thing? How does it draw energy from the nearby sun? So the sun recharges? How the hell does that work? Isn’t this thing too cheesy sci-fi-ish even for Star Wars? How does the laser hit multiple planets at once? Do the laser beams have heat-seeking properties or something? How come this thing can be destroyed even easier than the two Death Stars? How come the Resistance attacks with their only plan being to have X-Wings shoot at a building, which isn’t even effective against Star Destroyers?

The First Order

So, the First Order is pretty much the Empire, only even more fascist. After the Emperor died, did the Empire immediately become the First Order? Did the Empire crumble and the First Order emerged a decade later? Are they more or less powerful than the Empire? So there’s a Republic again, but the Resistance is still called the Resistance? So Darth Vader and the Empire were the last two Sith at the time, but in only 30 years these new Sith lords are back, just as powerful? Did anything that happen in the middle trilogy actually accomplish anything at all? Doesn’t Leader Snope sound like Snape and look like Voldemort? Why is his hologram so big?

The Force

So, Luke Skywalker is legend, but even still… how does Rey, with no training whatsoever, know how to use the Force? It took Luke at least two movies to even be able to get his lightsaber to move a few inches in the snow, and yet Rey just does it? How does she know that’s a Jedi’s power? How does she know she can mind-control Stormtroopers? Did someone tell her? Will that be in the Director’s Cut? Is Rey more powerful than Luke? Why does R2D2 suddenly reactivate? Can R2D2 feel the force? Does Luke make him reactivate? Is Daisy Ridley single?

Leia and Chewbacca

After returning from the final battle, why does Chewbacca walk past Leia without even a growl? Why does Leia hug Rey, even though they’ve only met once? Sure, Rey could be Leia’s daughter (or niece), but can’t we have one character who isn’t related to everyone else? Do you think Leia and Chewbacca had an affair, and that’s the real reason why Han and Leia went their own ways?

By Erik Samdahl
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