Review: Mr. Robot: Season 1 Loads onto Blu-ray

It took me seven months to watch the first 10 episodes of the critically acclaimed Mr. Robot.

I watched the pilot episode a month before its official release as part of a promotional campaign I ran in conjunction with USA Network. I watched it out of curiosity, with no real interest to add a new show to my busy schedule, but thought it kicked some serious ass. An interesting, troubled protagonist? A cool, amplified setting where evil corporations are called Evil Corporation? Moody and stylish direction and soundtrack?


I watched the second episode three months later, the series now fully recorded on my DVR.

The second episode was… not nearly as good as the pilot.

And so I waited. And waited. And waited. Until late December, when my fiance was out of town and I was alone and cold and lonely and done with my slog of end-of-year movie watching. I marathoned the shit out of Mr. Robot: Season 1, enjoyed some episodes, shrugged at others, but ultimately hooked by Sam Esmail’s creation, by its kick-ass music, off kilter and slightly surreal storytelling, by its unpredictable nature and eventual big twist.

And then I discovered my DVR hadn’t recorded the final episode, because USA had pushed the finale back a week.

Two weeks later, I received Mr. Robot: Season 1 in my mailbox, in advance of its release this week. I watched. I conquered. I enjoyed. I didn’t love the finale, and I’m not entirely sure where the show will go from here, but it was good enough to keep me around for Season 2.

I loved Elliot and star Rami Malek, who delivers one of the best television show performances I’ve seen in a long time. The rest of the cast is great as well, and they thrive upon the creative mix of characters given to them. The show’s unpredictability is refreshing and exciting, even if its explorations into the psychological occasionally come close to being too much–some of the extended dream sequences get tedious. Still, Mr. Robot is one of the most inventive and intriguing new shows of the year.

By Erik Samdahl
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