‘Mad Max’ Nearly Sweeps the 2015 Seattle Film Awards

Sure, the Razzie nominations got announced today. And the Oscar nominations get announced tomorrow. But we all know the Razzies are full of Donald Trump-level hate (albeit a less harmful form of hate) and the Oscars are selected by a bunch of old white dudes who made movies 40 years ago… the Seattle Film Awards are selected by Seattle’s finest, an eclectic mix of established and up-and-coming critics. Most notably, one of the Seattle Film Critic Awards voters is me, and that alone means you should pay attention to these.

Because I’m never wrong.

While I don’t agree with every selection (even though I’m never wrong, my colleagues get deluded into thinking that they are never wrong), the winners of the 2015 Seattle Film Awards are below.

George Miller’s post-apocalyptic epic Mad Max: Fury Road steamrolled the competition, and was named the Best Picture of 2015 by Seattle’s film community. The film nearly swept the competition, earning 10 out of a potential 11 award wins in the third annual Seattle Film Awards survey.

In addition to winning the city’s biggest prize of Best Picture, Miller took home Best Director honors, and the film added eight more awards, including Cinematography, Costume Design, Film Editing, Makeup & Hairstyling, Original Score, Production Design, Sound Design, and Visual Effects.

The dominance of Mad Max did not impact the acting races, which held a few surprises. For the second time in three years, Leonardo DiCaprio was named Best Actor in a Leading Role for his portrayal as fur trapper Hugh Glass in The Revenant. DiCaprio earned Seattle’s Best Actor award in 2013 for The Wolf of Wall Street. Benicio del Toro won Best Supporting Actor recognition for his portrayal of a mysterious FBI agent in Denis Villenueve’s suspense/thriller Sicario.

Nina Hoss was named Best Actress in a Leading Role for the German film Phoenix, portraying a woman who is searching for her husband after undergoing facial reconstruction surgery in post-World War II Berlin. In perhaps the biggest surprise of the survey, Mya Taylor earned Best Supporting Actress honors for Sean Baker’s groundbreaking Tangerine. Taylor, a transgender female, portrays one of two best friends and transgender prostitutes, looking to find their former pimp on the streets of Los Angeles during a sunny Christmas Eve day.

View the full list of 2015 Seattle Film Awards nominees.

By Erik Samdahl
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