Ranking the 2016 Oscar-Nominated Films From Best to Worst

Each year, approximately 40 movies get nominated for Academy Awards. And each year, they get some of the nominations right–and some way, way, way wrong. So, we decided to take a look at the 2015 movies nominated for an Oscar, regardless of category, and stack-rank them in order of quality. Of course, tell us what you think in the comments section at the bottom. You can also see the Oscar nominees by category here.

37. Fifty Shades of Grey

Yes, the awful, awful, awful Fifty Shades of Grey got nominated for an Academy Award… for Best Song, which barely counts.

36. Boy & the World

The obligatory “artistic” nominee in the Best Animated Feature section, Boy & the World may have worked as an animated short–but instead it’s 90 minutes long, a monotous “adventure” featuring a stick figure wandering through sketched landscapes as he searches for his father. We’re not sure who this movie was made for, but it’s not for most moviegoers.

35. The Danish Girl

This dull drama about one of the earliest gender reassignment subjects isn’t without its perks–Oscar nominee Alicia Vikander, for instance–but the movie largely fails to invoke anything more than a shrug.

34. A War

This foreign-language nominee essentially reconfirms that there is something about the Afghanistan war that does not make for good cinema. While not poorly done, the drama offers little to latch onto.

33. The Big Short

Considered one of the frontrunners for Best Picture, the movie is actually an uneven, confusing and chaotic affair that perhaps captures the craziness and complexities of the financial markets, but isn’t remotely entertaining.

32. The Look of Silence

This follow-up documentary to The Act of Killing is disturbing, but one can’t help get the feeling that the filmmaker is well past the point of… making his point.

31. 45 Years

Charlotte Rampling turns in a great performance–hence the Oscar nomination–but the synergy of the subtle nuances embedded in this interesting drama fall just short of greatness.

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By Erik Samdahl
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