15 Movies to Netflix & Chill With This Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, there is a notable lack of horror movies in theaters. Ouija: Origin of Evil is a legitimately good ghost story, but that’s about it–the next horror movie doesn’t arrive until November 11 in the form of the Naomi Watts-starring Shut In (where she plays a secluded child psychologist who is apparently haunted by a missing child, played by Jacob Tremblay).

So…whether you’re looking to Netflix and chill or Netflix & Chill, if you get my meaning, here are 15 movies you can stream right now.

The Relic

The plot: A monster terrorizes a natural history museum after being imported from South America.
Our take: The book is much better, but The Relic is a solid, late-90’s monster flick.

Troll Hunter

The plot: Three students discover a Norwegian government conspiracy: that trolls exist, and they are not friendly (nor small).
Our take: Subtitles will scare away some, but Troll Hunter is one of the best found footage movies you’ll see.

Children of the Corn

The plot: A rural town is inhabited by a bunch of evil children who will any adult who crosses their path.
Our take: I don’t remember a lot about this movie, other than it being really freaky.


The plot: This found-footage movie features several “short stories” that cover a variety of horrific incidents.
Our take: While it lacks a cohesive plot, a couple of the segments are downright frightening.

Starry Eyes

The plot: An aspiring actress makes a deal with the devil to obtain fame, but at what price?
Our take: Though not as good as the critics say, this well-acted film becomes increasingly disturbing as time progresses.

Stranger Things

The plot: After their friend disappears, a group of pals stumble across a government conspiracy and a dangerous monster haunting their small town.
Our take: Yes, I know this isn’t a movie, but “Stranger Things” is a legitimately spooky marathon watch.


The plot: A deaf woman is terrorized by a mask killer, with no one around to help her.
Our take: Though it falls apart some in the final act, Hush is a legitimately exciting slasher with a unique twist.


The plot: A mad scientist experiments with re-animating dead creatures (and people) with horrifying consequences.
Our take: The quintessential 80’s horror movie, full of colorful characters and grotesque visual effects, Re-Animator has it all.

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

The plot: The cast of the original Nightmare on Elm Street is stalked by Freddie Kruger.
Our take: This extremely clever spin on the franchise, which has actors playing themselves, is a refreshing change of pace from several lackluster sequels.


The plot: Come on, you know the plot of Jaws.
Our take: While many people don’t naturally think of Jaws as a horror movie, few films have altered people’s behavior—like staying out of the water—than Spielberg’s classic.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

The plot: Two hillbillies are terrorized by a group of college students, who in turn think the hillbillies are serial killers.
Our take: This hilarious yet bloody horror-comedy flips conventions on end for a highly entertaining experience.

Scream 2

The plot: Hollywood has made a movie about the events of Scream, and a copycat killer stalks Sydney, who now attends college.
Our take: This Wes Craven sequel properly builds on the franchise’s theme by poking fun at horror sequels.


The plot: Something about a box, demons, possession and other weird stuff.
Our take: One of the more unique, twisted, imaginative and grotesque horror movies you’ll ever see.

The Babadook

The plot: A single mother discovers that she and her son are being haunted by a boogie man after reading his “children’s book.”
Our take: Though its haunted house story has been done before, terrific acting and a terrifying villain makes The Babadook well worth a watch.

Event Horizon

The plot: A space ship discovers the long-missing Event Horizon and realize that the crew has come a little too close to hell.
Our take: Bloody, scary and messed up, Event Horizon is an exciting exploration of evil.

By Erik Samdahl
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