10 Movies to Watch on Netflix this May

Another month, another month in quarantine (if you live in a state governed by responsible individuals). And another month in quarantine likely means a lot of Netflix binge watching.

Here are ten “new” movies making their way to Netflix in May, ranked by their “must see” status:

10. The Lovebirds (May 22)

I haven’t seen The Lovebirds yet, as it was originally slated to be released by Paramount this spring, to theaters. Welp, that didn’t happen. Instead, this Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae comedy, in which the on-screen couple get unwittingly tangled up in a murder plot and proceed to just dig themselves deeper into a hole, is going straight to your home via Netflix.

9. The Patriot (May 1)

It’s been 20+ years since I’ve seen The Patriot, and two decades ago I don’t remember this war movie, set during the American Revolution, being particularly outstanding, but revolution-era war movies are hard to come by and it’s worth revisiting this Mel Gibson/Heath Ledger-starring film to see how it has aged.

8. District 9 (May 15)

Though a little overrated, this creative sci-fi film follows the “racial” tensions between humanity and a species of giant cockroach aliens that now live in the slums of Johannesburg. The movie put Neill Blomkamp on the map for a reason.

7. Jarhead (May 1)

I didn’t exactly love this Jake Gyllenhaal war movie at time of release, if only because I didn’t understand what I was signing up for. On repeat viewings, this film, about the hype (and boredom) of modern warfare is both compelling and visually stunning. Oddly, it spawned multiple direct-to-video sequels that are also on Netflix come May.

6. Underworld (May 1)

Remember a time when Kate Beckinsale was hot? OK, she still is, but long ago someone had the great idea to put her in black leather and have her go around killing vampires and sleeping with werewolves. While the Underworld franchise is the very definition of style over substance, the films, and especially the original, boast plenty of solid action sequences and gory violence.

5. Sinister (May 1)

Ethan Hawke stars as a true crime novelist who shifts the focus of an evil entity to his family after he begins to investigate the videotaped slaying of a family. Creepy and downright frightening, this is one of those great horror films that aficionados know well but that has slipped under the radar, or at least been forgotten, by broader audiences.

4. Uncut Gems (May 25)

Not for those who suffer from anxiety, the award-winning Uncut Gems has Adam Sandler playing a man who hurtles through life as he juggles a rocky marriage, various investments, a gambling addiction, and hungry loan sharks.

3. United 93 (May 16)

This depiction of the fateful journey of United 93, one of the planes used in the September 11 attacks, is not for the faint of heart, but even though you know how it ends, Paul Greengrass delivers one of the most thrilling and exceptional portrayals of heroism and coordinated response put to film. Now that enough time has passed (it was originally released only four years after the attacks), United 93 is worth watching.

2. The Lincoln Lawyer (May 27)

Matthew McConaughey plays a lawyer who operates out of a Lincoln and largely represents shady individuals. But when he is hired by a wealthy young man (Ryan Phillippe) accused of sexaul assault, he finds himself entangled in a downright dangerous situation. A fantastic and unique legal thriller, The Lincoln Lawyer is a must-see. 

1. Back to the Future (May 1)

This film needs no introduction, but if it’s been a while since you’ve revisited this classic, now’s the time.

By Erik Samdahl
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