Movie Ratings, Sorted by Review Grade

Please select a movie rating from the list below to access comprehensive listings of every movie review in our database. As interpretations of what a good movie score is varies, we've provided a description of each letter grade below:

Must-See Films

  • A+ Movies (Exceptional)
    These are rare and usually indicates that it is a top film among its genre. A hilarious comedy, trend-setting action movie, or immensely powerful drama could earn this prestigious grade.
  • A Movies (Excellent)
    These movies deserve a spot at the top of their genre, and should be seen.
  • A- Movies (Great)
    While possessing a few very minor flaws, these movies are still very entertaining or moving, and are definitely worth watching.
  • B+ Movies (Very good)
    These movies can still make Top Ten Lists at the end of the year, but usually have something missing that keeps them from really standing out.

Good Movies

  • B Movies (Good)
    While still very entertaining to watch and worth seeing, these movies do not blow away the competition. This grade can be equated to a fun, average movie. A B-grade on this website is usually considered better than those given by other critics.
  • B- Movies (Fairly good/decent)
    These movies are sort of the bottom point for great rentals, films that may or may not be worth seeing in theaters but are worth the rental price. They are typically entertaining but have not met expectations or are disappointing in some way.

Marginal Movies

  • C+ Movies (Marginal)
    These movies can be fun and have some redeeming value, but typically lack the content to make up an entire film. These movies generally have some good things going for them and some bad things going for them. Rentals are still suggested, but riskier.
  • C Movies (Not very good)
    While perhaps possessing some good traits, these movies often fail to deliver the entire package. There are some major flaws or things missing that keep them from being much at all. They aren't bad, necessarily, but they aren't good, either. It is often safer to avoid these movies, though some may have their moments.

Bad Movies

  • C- Movies (Fairly bad)
    These movies are not worth seeing. On the cusp of being very bad, but perhaps with one or two entertaining moments, they are generally boring, cheesy, stupid or just plain frustrating to watch. These movies should be avoided most of the time, as the reviewer of these films has spent time enduring them for your sake.
  • D+ Movies (Bad)
    By this point, everything below blurs into one jumbled mess that is always worth avoiding. These movies are bad and should only be watched with some form of alcoholic drink. The only redeeming parts of these movies usually include nudity or unintentionally funny scenes.
  • D Movies (Very bad)
    Not much different than D+ movies, only a little worse, these movies really seemed to have forgotten that someone has to watch these movies. Typically, these ones aren't even good on paper.
  • D- Movies (Terrible)
    The movie might have one scene that is slightly mind-stimulating (it keeps the gun away from your temple), but pulling out a fat man's back hair with your teeth is almost always a better option.
  • F Movies (Ungodly)
    These movies are so bad that it is amazing that the screenwriter even thought of the idea in the first place, let alone was able to get it turned into a theatrical release. Drinking a gallon of vomit is recommended as an alternative to such horrible monstrosities as the "movies" that are placed in this category.