The New X-Files 2 Movie Title… Sucks!

Scully is HotI’m starting to feel and sound like a bitter old man. Nothing seems to please me of late, other than driving around Green Lake in Seattle and admiring all of the beautiful female joggers that were out in storm today. So, maybe it’s just me, but does the new title for the new X-Files movie suck or what? And when I say “suck,” I mean really, really suck?

The new X-Files 2 title is The X-Files: I Want to Believe. I don’t care if it’s a theme in the show or what not, but I Want to Believe is just a stupid, stupid, stupid name for a movie. Maybe it could work for some kind of kid’s movie about a little girl and her pony who goes to Heaven, but as the title for a sci-fi horror-thriller? No, thank you.

Any movie title, especially one belonging to a sequel, that contains a colon in it should have the ability to be referred to by it’s subtitle. Are you going to say, “I’m going to go see The X-Files: I Want to Believe?” No. Are you going to say, “I’m going to go see I Want to Believe?” No, unless you’re mocking the title. What are you going to say? “I’m watching X-Files 2, biotch!” The thing is, movies with subtitles should be able to be referred to by said subtitle and not sound corny as Hell. The Phantom Menace? Revenge of the Sith? Attack of the Clones? OK, maybe that last one shouldn’t be used as an example.

My point is… I Want to Believe is just a really lame title. I love The X-Files, but Chris Carter has made a laughably bad marketing move here that could hurt the movie’s broad appeal.

And please don’t write back, “But 3:10 to Yuma has a colon in it!” You know what I mean.

By Erik Samdahl
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