Top Movies News of the Week: Oct. 18-24, 2009

Scream 4 in 3D?As always, there has been a fair amount of movie news over the last week. Here’s the good stuff:

  1. Paranormal Activity beat out Saw VI at Friday’s box office. Saw‘s box office reign may be over, as it is likely to take in under $20 million this weekend (compared to last year’s $30+ million opening).
  2. Mad Max 4: Fury Road is finding traction, but without Mel Gibson. Rumors have the George Miller sequel starring Charlize Theron and Sam Worthington. I want Worthington’s agent.
  3. Daniel Craig says Bond 23 will start filming near the end of 2010. In that time, one hopes they figure out how to make it more like Casino Royale and less like Quantum of Solace.
  4. Wes Craven may actually direct Scream 4, which is not too surprising, and it may in fact be in 3D.
  5. Roman Polanski is facing extradition, as the United States has filed an official request with the Swiss government.
  6. Dylan Baker is returning for Spider-Man 4. Baker plays Dr. Curt Conners, who goes on to become The Lizard, a villain.
  7. Neill Blomkamp, who directed District 9, has started work on his next sci-fi film. The movie will have a modest budget, but will likely be higher than the $30 allotted for the summer hit.
  8. Rumors surfaced that George Lucas may be preparing to produce a new Star Wars trilogy in 3D, with such directors as Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola to direct. As expected, those rumors turned out to be false, as LucasFilm denied they were working on any such films.
  9. David Duchovny said he’d be open to doing a third X-Files movie and defended the dreadfully boring second film. He said he’d like to return to the alien mythology, though whether the movie ever gets made is another matter.
  10. Apparently, the screenplay for The Crow remake has been well-received by its studio and is now shifting to the casting stage.
  11. Ridley Scott and Angelina Jolie may be teaming up to bring the murder of Maurizo Gucci and the drama of the designer family to life in Gucci. Apparently, Leonardo DiCaprio has been approached but is currently not attached.
  12. The hit Broadway show Rock of Ages will come to life under the watchful eye of Hairspray director Adam Shankman.
  13. The Weinstein Co. is planning to reboot its tired Scary Movie franchise with all-new characters, which likely means that star Anna Faris will no longer be involved. They’re waiting for Scream 4 before starting.
  14. Jude Law and Robert DeNiro are rumored to be in the upcoming Thor movie.
  15. Jackie Earle Haley was recently rumored to play Sinestro in the upcoming Green Lantern movie. Haley shot down those rumors, but let’s hope they come true anyway, because he’d be perfect for the role.
  16. Laura Dern will play the headmistress at the school where Ben Stiller’s Little Fockers attend.
By Erik Samdahl
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  • Paranormal Activity isn’t worth watching it.. The same about Mikael’s post death film..

    but of course lucas’s idea of 3D Star Trek is just amazing… Will be very interesting

  • Im gonna give this another shot. I wrote an excellent post the other day and it got accidentally deleted. Ill attempt this again and respond to watch tv onlines comment (cheesy plug by the way my friend)

    1. I really think its great that a movie that cost $15,000 to make has already gone on to make over $30 million dollars. Thats the American Dream right there honestly. Saw 6??? Come on, by this point movies that have that many sequels are just a plain joke. I appreciated the first one and have not watched ANY of the others. The creators of this franchise should be subjected to the de sensitizing torture they depict in these horrible waste of time movies.

    2. I read your 3rd Movie News Blog and see Tom Brady is going to take the lead role of this movie. (i think) I originally thought this sequel was a bad idea cause im not into 80s movie sequels…its like after all this time your telling me Hollywood cant come up with an original movie??? Unbelievable…just plain lazzy.

    3. Daniel Craig? Im not a big fan of James Bond movies. Dont think ive seen a complete one since A view to a Daniel Craig i must say is excellent in Defiance. I highly recommend that movie cause he plays a character thats almost the opposite of James Bond. He plays an underdog to Liev Shriebers character (who is fantastic in this movie). So i am now a Daniel Craig fan and wish him luck on the new 007 movie.

    4. Wes Craven should not do Scream 4…i feel like screaming reading that these lazzy Hollywood stiffs can only think of making sequels. 3D??? Who gives a s**t! Enough with this god awful franchise. Its just popcorn bull for dumb teenagers who arent learning a dammed thing do to the no child left behind program being run by our school system. Its actually irresponsible for Wes Craven to make this dumb movie for dumb kids who just get dumber watching movies like this.

    5. Roman Polanski. He is a good director. I enjoyed the Pianist. I enjoyed he Ninth Gate. All well directed movies that keep you interested. Acting well directed and everything. At the end of the day though. This guy Polanski thinks hes innocent for having sex with a 13 year old girl because he says it was concensual. Sorry 13 your children dont have the mind frame to even understand the consequences of their actions. This guy deserves what he has coming to him. If he ends up being free after this latest development thats fine but he has forever tarnished his career.

    6. Dylan Baker is a good actor. Its a shame though that Sam Raimi might have to dedicate the entire SM 4 movie to The Lizard who was a pretty cheap Spidey Villain. Its a shame Raimi wasted Venom as a secondary plot character in SM 3. He should bring Venom Back in SM 4 and change the actor who plays him ( Topher Grace was an interesting idea but we need a more deep and wicked actor to play Venom)

    7. Im sorry to say Film Jabber but this is such non news. We really cant get anything from this tid bit of information. I havent seen District 9, i hear its pretty good so if thats why you feel we might care that the director of that movie has started a new project (which we know nothing about) with a budget (which we know nothing about) that more than district 9 we cant really think too much about what this news means…well ill give you guys the benefit of the doubt. Ill have to see District 9 first

    8. This idea right here would absolutely redeem George Lucas and the Star Wars franchise so much to actually be living proof of the greatness of mankind. For such an idea to actually be attempted would be one of those real ideas that happen only once in a generations life time. But of course that idiot Lucas shoots down this idea. Makes perfect sense that this jerk would try to hog all the shine of StarWars and doesnt even realize that his last 3 movies sucked complete b**ls.

    9. David Duchovny needs to just stick to Californication. The X Files are a completely irrelevant franchise right now. Suspension of disbelief for this concept is non existent now adays. If FBI agents like Mulder and Skully actually existed in our current world atmosphere they would be kidnapped, blindfolded, flown to a remote island, tortured and burried alive by corporate mercenaries before they saw the hydrogen exhaust of unidentified flying object…lol

    10. I hope thyere just considering to do a sequel to the Crow with a different actor like theyve been doing. If theyre planning to remake the original Brandon Lee movie that would be a dammed shame. A complete disrespect of the memory of Brandon Lee who was to be one of the great actors of our time.

    11. Anything Ridley or Tony Scott i am excited to watch (even a good life wasnt too bad) so cant wait to see this idea. Angelina fan also.

    12. Not a fan of Broadway musicals, in fact i prefer Broadway Musicals stick to Broadway and not Hollywood. Oh well cant win them all.

    13. Scary Movie 4??? Yeah the dumbing down of Americas Youth continues…shame shame shame to the people behind all these ridiculous genre makers.

    14. Thor is going to KICK ASS!!!

    15. Jackie Earl Haley is a great American success story. Green Lantern?? way to go Jackie much luck!!

    16. Not a fan of The Meet the Parents franchise so not looking forward to this movie.

    As far as watch tv onlines comment…hes dead wrong..
    Paranormal Activity is definetly worth watching. It might be too hypped up by now but its still a great original movie.

    And there you have it. Incase anyone cares for this old blog post…keep up the great work Film Jabber.( by the way this wasnt as good as my original post which i accidentaly deleted, that one was much more

  • Thanks, Fernando!